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How Does IT Work?

  • Customers trying to use products for the first time.
  • Frustrated customers needing assistance
  • Customer support

THE PROBLEM- for your customers:

Technology was supposed to make life easier, but for many people it is quite the opposite. Here's what your customers told us:
  • The complexity of modern day gadgets and appliances can be overwhelming,
  • Products that require a degree of initial learning can be frustrating and time consuming,
  • Current product support systems used by most companies are tailored around the product rather than the customer,
  • Customer support systems vary between companies and do not offer a standardized easy support system the customer can become familiar with.





THE SOLUTION - for your customers:

Whizbang is a handy application that uses short videos to show your customers how to use your products quickly and easily. They can instantly access each video by simply scanning the product packaging with a mobile device. It also directs customers to numerous support services available for their specific product.


But there's more! They can also...
  • Find links directing them to the help they need on your support site,
  • Get help from other users via the comments & forums.
  • Give feedback on the product,
  • Store product information such as warranties, service history & receipts.
  • Download manuals,
  • Upload their own "home grown" video demonstrations in which they show others how to setup & use your products. They can win prizes & earn tips for their videos.
  • Share their user experience on Facebook, Twitter & other social media sites.


Scanning your product

A video is worth 1.8 million words

That is the value of one minute of video, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.

What is WhizBang?

The First Time

A frustrated business man



Here's what manufacturers, distributors and retailers told us:
  • Returned products eat into profit margins. - A study by Accenture (2008) showed that manufacturers lose between 6% - 20% of their profits on returned goods and 75% of these goods are without defect.
  • Marketing is an expensive necessity.
  • Customers have high expectations these days when it comes to product support.
  • Technical support is expensive and studies show that instructional videos can reduce technical support by 40%.
  • Competition is ever increasing.
  • Product support has a direct impact on sales, company credibility & brand awareness.

  • Download and read our free white paper report: "Online Video- Boosting your Sales and Promoting your Brand". If you're short on time, just read the condensed version which deals specifically with instructional videos & reducing returns -  Condensed Report

Product support just got a whole lot easier


Here's a new unique marketing system that will have your customers promoting your products for you and at the same time reducing the stress on your technical support team.

A Reduction in Product Returns

When customers can enjoy an, easy "out of box" experience, they are much less likely to return the products or think they are somehow faulty (or even possibly damage them in the process). Studies show that if a person cannot get a device operating under 20 minutes, they will give up. Many customers will not read instructions, but they will watch a video if it is easily accessible.
By demonstrating the products prior to purchase, you establish realistic customer expectations which ultimately result in less returns and satisfied customers who are more likely to recommend your products to others.

Increased sales

Video guides can actually increase sales. Providing video guides for your products differentiates them from the competition as well as adding to the value proposition. Videos provide the customer with the confidence to buy and leads to satisfied customers who will not only become repeat customers but will endorse your products to family and friends. Video guides have also been shown to increase company credibility and loyalty as well as improving brand awareness.
The Whizbang platform also acts as a powerful marketing and advertising tool.

Free Third party endorsement

What could be more effective than third-party endorsement? Have your customers do the work of endorsing your products for you through user-generated content such as the videos (all content is manually filtered by us for quality before publishing).
On top of that, any videos that we professionally produce for you can be represented as independent from your brand, thereby providing a more meaningful endorsement and allowing more freedom in regards to brand representation (i.e. you don’t have to go with big budget production values).

Provides a valuable post-sales touch point with the customer

We will be developing this aspect of the site over time providing you with more brand management & direct communication with your customers.







Ice.com found that viewers who chose to view video converted at a 400% increase over those who did not. Ice.com also credits video with decreasing returns by 25%.

INTERNET RETAILER, - December 2009

Website Magazine describes video as a "driver of consumer confidence". 60% of the time consumers are willing to view the videos they find, and 52% of consumers surveyed reported that after viewing a video, they were less likely to return the product.


100 Million internet users watch online video each day. Although, a lot of those are just watching the latest viral videos, there are still many who are looking for advice on how to do something or how to make something work better. And a whole of them are looking to buy a service or product.

Andrey Follet, - Video Brewery

A case study conducted by ShowYouHow, in which short instructional videos were provided showing users how to install do-it-yourself surveillance products provided the following results:
10% - 20% Reported Increase in Sales
40% - 50% Reduction in Support Calls
20% - 30% Reduction in Product Returns

ShowYouHow - 2012

According to studies instructional video can decrease returns rates by 12%, increase sales by 57% and reduce technical support by 40%

IDC Manufacturing, Insights, - 2011

An Accenture study showed that ONLY 5% of returned products were actually defective. Approximately 68 percent of the returns are products that work properly but do not meet customers' expectations for some reason. "Either they thought it was defective when it wasn't, or there was an expectation gap,"

Terry Steger - Accenture executive

“Nine times out of ten, sending a caller to our website to view the video instruction guides, handles the issue with no further involvement from our technicians.”

John Webster Chief Executive Officer Odyssey Technologies, Inc., - 2011

“Customer feedback revealed that 84% of those who watched instructional videos preferred them to calling 1-800 numbers, and 95% to using printed user guides. Online instruction videos reduced returns by up to 30%, sales by as much as 20%, and reduced customer support calls by as much as 50%.”

ShowYouHow - 2012

Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not.



Whizbang harnesses the power of social media by encouraging your customers to assist each other. We provide a platform where people are invited to upload  their "home grown" video demonstrations in which they show other viewers how to setup or use your product. We provide incentives such as a "tipping system" and prizes  to encourage people to contribute. We also control the standards and determine which videos are suitable to be published.

What makes WhizBang unique is the fact that it is "user-centered" rather than "product-centered".
Normally when a customer needs help with a product they usually have to go on a quest to many different places...maybe back to the retailer, the company support site, forums or YouTube. We save them all the work by providing all the resources on the one site (or from the app). Users can keep records of their products & activities so they can easily return to the information in the future. We don't replace your support services, we just direct users to the appropriate help that they need and make accessibility simpler. As users become familiar with the interface, it becomes even easier for them rather than trying to navigate different sites for each different product. WhizBang also encourages customers to use video first, thereby reducing other more expensive tech support processes.

All content on the site is monitored and filtered manually by our staff. We strongly discourage derogative comments and ensure that videos meet a minimal standard. We will soon be introducing "brand management" where companies will have the option to have any negative feedback refereed directly to an allocated contact point. If you have any concerns about any content on the site, you are welcome to contact us and we will deal with it appropriately.

Although Whizbang offers videos, it is otherwise very different from YouTube as it specializes in providing product videos (mainly video guides for setting up, installing & using products). Our content is much easier to find than the content on YouTube as these types of videos are often buried amongst unboxing, review and promotional videos. Also on YouTube there is no quality control so often a user has to wade through poor quality content to find what they require (if it’s even available). The only way to find a suitable video on YouTube is through a search, whereas our users can find the exact video they need by simply scanning the packaging of the product. We offer more than just videos, we are adding everything a user needs to know about their product plus we direct them to where ever they need to go to get the necessary help (such as your company support site).

As you know, third party endorsement is more powerful than standard promotional content. Having us make and publish your videos, allows you to focus on having functional videos without the frills you might otherwise need to reflect the status of your brand. In reality, the purpose of video guides is to assist the customer. Lower production values might allow you to invest in a quantity of useful videos rather than unecessarily expensive videos.


Video is undeniably an effective support tool which is why it is the core of the Whizbang system. Be aware that we cater for every budget.


Installing your Sony Bravia TV

Medium budget (less than 1500 US)


How to set up your Topfield PVR

Medium budget (less than 1500 US)


An Overview of the Topfield PVR

Medium budget (less than 1500US)


How to operate a Dick Smith mp3 Player

Low Budget


Assembling a Cupboard Flat Pack

Low Budget


Recording on the Sony Bravia TV

Medium Budget (less than 1500 US)


Using the Whizbang System

Case Study


Not using the WhizBang System

Case Study


Here are a range of different ways we can assist you

Get a Product Page for free


  • If you already have videos, we invite you to upload or embed them on our site for free.
  • Your customers can access your videos via our app by simply scanning the bar code on the package.
  • All links will take users to your own support site.
  • We do not use pre-roll advertising.

Partner with Us

Between $0 - $600 US
  • We will produce videos for you at less than cost price. Why? Because we want to increase our content volume for our users.
    Note - there are conditions: e.g. Must have high turnover sales of product & must require a degree of instruction to set up, install or operate.
  • You cover shipping costs.
  • Just send us a sample product & we'll do the rest.

Purchase Quality Videos

$700 - $5000 US per video
  • Completely tailored to your requirements & budget.
  • Videos are yours to own and publish wherever you like.
  • You can choose to publish videos under your brand name or alternatively under the WhizBang brand.
  • We can also organize QR code stickers as well.

Become a Sponsor

Promote your Company
  • Donate prizes (such as cash, products or vouchers) for our "home-grown" video makers.
  • In return we will promote your brand and products throughout the site.
  • Have customers endorse your products via our user generated videos. (All content is quality controlled)
  • Let's discuss free/ discounted videos in return for prizes.

This could also be the the perfect opportunity to sell your Extended Warranties!

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